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Technical Service and Spare Parts
We know that it is important to supply professional and qualified technical service besides producing qualified machinery. Our technical service, developed by this consciousness, has been servicing all around Turkey. The key point that our technical service minds is how to solve the problems by the fastest and the most appropriate way. According to condition of the machine, there has been the neccessary maintenance and repair works either in factory or machine’s own place.

We are able to reach our machinery in Turkey at least in two days wherever(city or construction site) it has been.

In addition to this, we are also able to supply maintenance and repair,technical service,spare part support to whole foreign iron cut and spinner machines except our own machinery. For our machinery working abroad, we have tahen action according to transportation facilities and condition of that country.

Spare  part orders are sent by cargo on the same day. The spare parts that we sent are under our guarantee for a year.

Technical Service Tel & Fax:
(90) (312) 395 66 76

Technical Service E-Mail:

Technical Service Requisition Form
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